A new Google program connects video content publishers with brands.
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New Google Program Connects Video Content Publishers with Brands

A new Google ad-buying program aims to make it easier for video content publishers to sell their ad inventory to brands. The program, dubbed Google Partner Select, underscores the search engine giant’s bid to play a greater role in digital video ad sales.

In announcing the program, Google positioned the new video marketplace as “bringing together the best of brand with the best of programmatic,” wrote Neal Mohan, Google’s vice president of display and video advertising products, on Google’s DoubleClick Advertiser blog.

Google uses the term “programmatic buying” to refer to automated or machine-based buying. Using the programmatic marketplace, brands and agencies will find the high-quality inventory they lack, while publishing partners will benefit from the efficiency of programmatic buying to connect with top brands, according to Mohan.

Google invited a select set of publishers, including Time Inc., to participate in the programmatic marketplace. Google will receive an undisclosed cut of each ad buy.

If successful, Partner Select could help Google make inroads in the digital video content ad market. Through YouTube, Google nabbed a 20.5 percent share of U.S. digital video ads in 2013, according to eMarketer. The exchange will allow Google to expand beyond YouTube’s borders.

“Google still has untapped supply on its video service, but to eat up more share of the market, it is looking outside its own sites with Partner Select,” said Tim Peterson of Advertising Age.

Google also introduced a new option through the DoubleClick platform that allows advertisers to more efficiently make reservation-based buys directly with specific publishers.

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