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New LinkedIn Endorsement Feature Recommends Skills and Expertise


The professional social networking site LinkedIn has rolled out their new Endorsement feature. Similar to Facebook Likes, members can now use the LinkedIn endorsement feature to highlight the skills and expertise of their professional contacts with just one click. While members have long been able to like discussions of groups and status updates of other members, this new feature allows quick and easy acknowledgment of the professional abilities of LinkedIn members.

As a social networking platform targeting business professionals, LinkedIn already includes a feature allowing members to write detailed recommendations for colleagues and contacts, but as TechCrunch reports, the new LinkedIn feature requires much less work to recommend the work of another member.

Instead of writing a more traditional–and much longer–customized testimonial or recommendation for professional contacts, LinkedIn users can quickly and easily highlight particular skills or areas of ability of another member. Not only can members of the LinkedIn community now endorse one or more of the listed skills or expertise of others, they can also suggest other skills to their contacts either through the Recommend Endorsements option at the top of each profile page, or via the newly revamped Skills and Expertise section within the LinkedIn profile.

According to, LinkedIn members receive email notification when they receive an endorsement, as well as a message within LinkedIn. They can choose to accept suggested endorsements from others and add them to the Skills and Expertise section of their profile.

In addition to making it faster and easier for busy professionals to recommend the work of others, the new LinkedIn Endorsement feature will soon begin generating useful data for LinkedIn users searching for members with specific expertise and skill sets.

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