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New LinkedIn Features Include Comment Threading, Influencer Search


On July 30 2013, new LinkedIn features were introduced on the company’s blog, including comment and search improvements that make it easier for users to engage with Influencer posts. With its constant changes and improved functionality, the company continues to prove that it’s not simply a job hunting tool anymore and is becoming a bona fide social network and content hub.

Threaded Comments

LinkedIn’s new comment functionality allows users to “like” or reply to specific comments in the thread of an Influencer post. They can also mention other LinkedIn members in their replies. In turn, members receive notifications when their comments have been liked or when they’ve been mentioned in comment threads. This is all a part of LinkedIn’s efforts to create ongoing conversations and make them more manageable for users to follow.

With these new features, LinkedIn follows in the footsteps of Facebook. The social network giant introduced comment threading to its posts back in March 2013.

Search for Influencer Posts

In October 2012, LinkedIn rolled out a feature that allowed its users to follow thought leaders and professionals (Influencers) on the social network. Not only could users read experts’ status updates, but they could also access experts’ long-form posts.

In its latest blog announcement, the social network introduced improved search functionality that allows users to find specific Influencers. From the search results, users can follow Influencers, connect to them, or review their content.

Search Enhancements Needed

Between the new LinkedIn features, the growth of the Influencer program, and the launch of channels (which were introduced in May 2013), it’s become easier than ever for users of the social network to discover content and thought leaders.

With all these enhancements, LinkedIn has gained credibility as a social media site and content provider. However, it has yet to prove its search capabilities. While users can find specific Influencer by name, there’s no easy way to search for Influencers and content based on keywords. Until it enhances this functionality, LinkedIn will still face steep competition from Google for users searching for relevant news and professional development content.

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