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The Key to Content Strategy? The Content Strategist Services

From: Jeff Puklin

To: Digital Marketers

Subject: The Key to Content Strategy? The Content Strategist Services


Hi, Marketing World,

Welcome back! I’m not here to tell you to develop a content marketing strategy—you already know the importance of that. Rather, I’m here to explain how your organization can scale content creation strategically by having the right team (or team member) in place. If a community manager is said to be the voice of a brand, then the content strategist is the brain. Just as a community manager can develop your organization’s digital personality, a content strategy team can fuel the relationships that will motivate your audience to act through engaging content. Remember, to function properly, the body needs a brain and a voice so all the pieces can work together.

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A lot has already been written about how more and more businesses across verticals—including nonprofits—are developing content strategies. In a 2013 report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), it was estimated that 92 percent of nonprofits used content to reach their audiences, but only 25 percent had documented content strategies in place.

The Key to Successfully Scaling a Content Strategy Is Building the Right Team

Similar to the way the front office staff at a professional baseball organization drafts a club and assembles a lineup at the beginning of each season, nonprofit organizations should consider a content services partner to help them build a strong foundation. In the 2013 CMI study, nonprofits reported that their biggest content challenge is lack of time. Lack of time? To that I say, “Go to the mattresses.” Go to the mattresses? The Godfather? Anyone? Dig deep, hunker down, and figure out the bottleneck at your organization that is preventing you from scaling a content program. If you’re struggling to mobilize content creators at your institution, or if you’re having trouble getting the necessary pieces approved in a timely manner, look for a workflow efficiency tool or a holistic marketing partner that can help you build a plan.

Content Marketing Challenges

In my time as a marketing strategist, I have partnered with many freelancers to execute campaigns. I’ve worked with designers, copy editors, and videographers. I have always made them feel like an extension of our staff because I understood the value that they were bringing to the team. We hired them because we knew they would work at a high level and save us time—and time is money. Just like the front office of a professional baseball club enlists a team of scouts to watch the competition, analyze a player’s skills, and project a player’s ultimate value, your strategist can help you tackle the intricacies of running a complex website or blog. An innovative content strategist must be able to:

  • Analyze Web behavior, social listening, and content performance data to understand your audience’s needs.
  • Create a robust data-driven editorial calendar to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.
  • Build extensive program timelines to ensure production deadlines are met and delivery is timely.
  • Produce content or manage the creation process across multiple content types (video, social content, infographics, e-books, blogs, etc.).
  • Report on content performance to ensure content is targeted and in line with overall marketing objectives and goals.

Having worked in the nonprofit space, I understand how daunting it can be to develop an in-house content marketing team. Many institutions are doing a lot right, but they might not be producing enough optimized content for the right audience to see noticeable returns. A focus on Web behavior, social listening, and consistent production can make all the difference, so long as you have a content strategist—either internally or externally—to help orchestrate the entire content creation process. When you have the brain behind the voice of your brand, you’ll realize you have a lot more to provide to your customers.

Now it’s your turn! Could you benefit from a strategic partner? What are your hesitations? Leave your comments below, shoot me an email, or send me a tweet using the hashtag #EmailMeTweetMe, and I’ll incorporate your feedback into my next blog post.

All the best,
Jeff Puklin
Content strategist at Skyword (@JeffPuklin)

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