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Online Video Views Reached Record Levels in December


Online video content views had a record-breaking month last December, exceeding 50 billion total views for the first time in history and reaching more than 80 percent of the U.S. population, according data from comScore Video Metrix service reported in Search Engine Watch

Year-over-Year Gains

Though 50 billion views are certainly impressive, what is even more staggering is the year-over-year growth for the online video content platform as a whole. From December 2012 to December 2013, the number of Americans viewing content online rose from 182 million to 188.2 million. A staggering 86.9 percent of Americans viewed content online in December 2013, up from the 84.9 percent that were viewing content in December 2012. This is huge for content marketers who want to utilize the platform to reach larger audiences.

It is not only the amount of people watching online content that is rising; the number of videos watched was up from 2012 as well. In December 2013, Americans watched 52.4 billion videos online, up a staggering 26 percent from the 38.7 billion online content videos that were viewed during the same period in 2012. Because more people are watching more videos, the ability for a single piece of video content to influence viewers expands exponentially. This counters the idea that the video landscape is too crowded for content marketers to make any real headway with their own content. 

Even time spent watching video ads embedded in content grew last month. ComScore reports that, “Time spent watching video ads totaled 13.2 billion minutes, with AOL, Inc. delivering the highest duration of video ads at nearly 1.9 billion minutes.”

Room for More Growth

Though December 2013 will definitely go down in the record books for online video content views, it is uncertain if this milestone also represents an unrepeatable high point for online video platforms. Early metrics point to the potential for more video content growth. Content providers such as AOL and Yahoo have been posting steady month-to-month and year-over-year gains, both in amount of content viewed and overall viewership. Though YouTube still leads the pack in online content video views, other outlets are seeing growth that mirrors YouTube’s upward trends.

Content marketers may be wondering whether the crowded YouTube landscape might have too much competition to give their video content a chance at mobility, but YouTube’s rising viewership still makes it a fertile ground for hosting video content. The rise in the amount of video content has been increasing on private video-hosting sites as well. Content marketers who want to use services other than YouTube shouldn’t fear ignoring consumers. 

This past December may have been a record month for online video content views, but it is unlikely that it will be the last record-setting month. There is certainly plenty of growth potential for 2014, and content marketers who have not yet used this medium should consider supplementing existing content with video content, especially as usage and viewership achieve new records. 

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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