Personalized Video Boasts Better ROI Than Traditional Digital Tactics
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Personalized Video Boasts Better ROI Than Traditional Digital Tactics

Using personalized video as a marketing tactic is on the rise, and new solutions should make it easier for companies to jump on the bandwagon.

Communications service and solutions provider BT announced it has added individualized video capabilities to its “Cloud Contact” services portfolio. The new capability allows businesses to create video message templates that can be infused with data relevant to an individual consumer. The result is a unique, personalized message. a man takes off field a video camera

BT and Idomoo—the company that provides the technology powering the new service—envision a variety of ways businesses could deploy personalized videos, from periodic communications such as statements to specific promotional campaigns.

“Today’s customers are bombarded with information and advertising across the Web and mobile devices, and Idomoo’s videos offer a new way to portray data in a visually stimulating format,” said Ovum analyst Aphrodite Brinsmead.

Cisco reports that by 2018, video will constitute 80 to 90 percent of digital consumer traffic. The overall trend toward video has content marketers clambering to get on board. And in this video-saturated climate, personal videos have an edge: Moving forward, Forrester predicts personalized video will command a larger slice of the overall advertising pie than more traditional video marketing forms.

Marketers who use the tactic are rewarded with better ROI. Personal videos are less invasive than other outbound marketing techniques, more effective than traditional video, and earn up to 10 times the engagement, according to Forrester. Brands gain increased loyalty, higher engagement, improved customer support, and higher conversion.

There is one drawback: Personalized video is more expensive than other tools such as email. But with its higher effectiveness, it may be the next must-have for content marketers.

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