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Redesigned Foursquare Venue Pages Offer Content-Driven Opportunities for Businesses


Foursquare announced on its blog the immediate availability of revamped venue pages, which provide a way for small businesses to inform and engage their local audiences on the popular location-based network. The redesign initiative places special emphasis on the site’s Explore and Discover functionality, in an effort to get those features to better correlate with the look and feel of its mobile apps.

The new and improved pages have been optimized to give visitors relevant information at a glance. Similar to Foursquare’s mobile platforms, the updated venue destinations prioritize photos, which are now positioned at the top of the interface. This particular component gives businesses an opportunity to wow visitors with content that makes their venues more visually engaging.

While the Foursquare map has essentially taken a backseat to photos by being pushed down a bit, it has also been enhanced. The map currently sits to the right of the page and can be expanded to give users a better view.

Business logo, operating hours, menu, prices and other venue details are now located beneath photos, followed by social graph data that shows users which of their friends have visited a particular a location, how often they visit, their thoughts about it and so forth.

According to TechCrunch, Foursquare redesigned its venue pages to take advantage of the 50 million unique visitors it receives every month, most of whom originate from Google. The company is hoping the revamp will appeal to Google searchers by immediately delivering the information they are likely to deem important.

Venue owners who have optimized their pages with relevant, engaging content are no doubt hoping the redesign influences users to stop by and support their place of business.

Image Source: Flickr

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