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Reports: New iPad Mini Price Leaked


Leaked images and reports are speculating that the much-rumored iPad Mini price will be around $250 for the base model and approximately $650 for the most advanced version, according to Forbes. Apple’s much-speculated new device is expected to be unveiled at an event on Tuesday, October 23, 2012, three days before the new Microsoft Surface tablet goes on sale.

According to reports, the base model version of the iPad Mini will cost around $250 and there will be a further seven models, with additional costs for mobile connectivity and more memory. The information suggests that the most advanced model–64GB memory with cellular–would cost $650.

Additionally, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was originally against producing a iPad Mini but conceded in the months prior to his death last year, emails discussed in the Apple vs. Samsung patent dispute suggest.

Take Note of the Possible Pricing, Content Pros are Likely to Buy an iPad Mini

Content and marketing professionals will want to pay attention to the new iPad Mini price, if it is indeed released at the speculated prices. It is likely the new iPad Mini will be adopted by media professionals for quick, on-the-go use.

Many professionals currently use the iPad or similar tablet devices for easy access to documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations. Also, like all Apple products, third-party add-ons will be created, such as a keyboard, and that is a prospect that will excite many content specialists and make an on-the-go, mobile lifestyle much easier.

Content staff in organizations and agencies are already experiencing the benefits of iPad and tablet computing, so another option on the table such as the iPad Mini seems like a good fit for the industry. If the speculation proves correct, then the Mini will be a seven-inch tablet, similar to that of the Google Nexus Seven and Kindle Fire. While these two tablets are designed mainly for entertainment purposes, Apple has proven time and again that its devices are versatile and applicable to many lifestyles and roles.

Content professionals are no different here. Whether it be taking notes with an attached keyboard, using a touchscreen pen, or having a lighter option to communicate with colleagues and coordinate presentations, the new iPad Mini will be a welcome addition to the content and marketing gadget family.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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