SEO Strategy for 2015 Will Focus on Lead Generation
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SEO Strategy for 2015 Will Focus on Lead Generation

The emerging trends of 2015 are taking shape as the year draws to a close. As far as SEO strategy goes, a major focus for marketers will be using SEO to increase lead generation.

More than 60 percent of surveyed practitioners indicated increased lead generation as one of the most important marketing objectives for the upcoming year, according to Conductor’s Inside Enterprise SEO survey. Increasing traffic to websites was a close second at 57 percent.

Marketers might also feel more comfortable intensifying SEO efforts in the next year thanks to growing comfort with its related practices. Fifty-seven percent of survey respondents said that their SEO work had become more effective over the past year; by contrast, only 2 percent said their SEO had worsened.

businessman hand working with new modern computer and business strategy as conceptHowever, this progress remains relative. While 17 percent of businesses consider their SEO to be “very successful,” 28 percent of respondents still aren’t seeing the results. Link building and keyword strategy were cited as the most difficult aspects of SEO, followed by content creation and social media integration.

But while content creation was viewed as challenging, it was also cited as the most effective: 54 percent of respondents said they get strong results from their content.

Given these trends, content will continue to be a major component of SEO strategy in 2015. Even brands that haven’t mastered content as a lead generation and sales tool still recognize the need for it in their digital strategy.

“Seventy percent of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago, even those who say they are least effective (58 percent) and those without any type of strategy (56 percent),” states the 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America study from Content Marketing Institute.

Brands need to understand the reciprocal relationship that exists between SEO and content marketing strategy. PageRank is an important driver of traffic for original content, and poor SEO can inhibit the success of a brand’s content.

Even when the work is hard and the rewards seem marginal—as many marketers seem to feel about link building and other tedious SEO tactics—marketers need to keep in mind that content campaigns depend on productive SEO. Establishing a synergy between SEO and content marketing will lift up both strategies and drive tangible returns.

This has the potential to add some excitement to even the most mundane SEO work.

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