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Singapore Social Media Study Reveals Lack of Business and Enterprise Users


A study of Singapore social media use by businesses in the country has revealed that local enterprises are “lagging.” The study, by PR firm Rock Publicity, suggests that local Singapore businesses are lagging behind other countries in Asia in the way they use social media to engage potential users.

According to a report by Singapore news outlet TODAYonline, the country was ranked last of nine Asian nations that the media consultancy firm has worked with. “Whether it’s because of lack of knowledge, training or simply complacence, local companies are some of the worst not only in Asia, but in the developed world,” said Leon Hill, CEO of Australia-based Rock Publicity. “We found the vast majority of companies in Singapore either have no idea how to build a brand via social media or use the medium to find sales opportunities. In most cases, they were just ignoring their communities altogether.”

Singapore has some of the highest web usage in the world, as well as the longest Facebook sessions, but local businesses seem to fail to take advantage of these marketing opportunities. The Singapore social media study looked at the number of companies in a country that are at effective social marketing and communication.

Rock Publicity spent three months studying 217 local companies in Singapore and surveyed 50,000 Singapore nationals for the study. “Singapore is still very traditional in many ways. Even though the younger generation is taking to social media in a big way, I find that the older generations are very set in their ways compared to their counterparts in, say, Malaysia,” Hill told TODAYonline.

The highest ranking nation was Indonesia, which came first, followed by South Korea, then the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines fourth, Malaysia fifth, Vietnam sixth, India seventh, Japan eighth, and Singapore in ninth place.

Content marketers in East Asia and Oceania will be aware of the cultural variations in each nation. Trends usually tend to vary from country to country, but the region uses social media heavily.

This latest report indicates an opportunity for marketing professionals and agencies to help local businesses in Singapore better understand and utilize social media.

Photosource: Wikimedia Commons

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