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Skyword Releases ‘Agency Content Innovators’ E-Book

How do invention and innovation happen? More importantly, how do they take lasting hold?

Thomas Edison is best known as a great innovator. Most Americans know him as the inventor of the lightbulb. The truth is, we remember Edison not just because he invented the lightbulb, but also because he owned his invention completely, from the patent to the manufacture of components to the assembly and on through to distribution and marketing. To succeed, innovation must be tied to great business planning.

Agency marketers are looking at content marketing as their own next innovation. So, as they research and iterate, they are also treating their discoveries as prized intellectual property and building the infrastructure needed to make content marketing a sustainable and scalable process.

Last year, I began interviewing agency innovators who are focused on building this type of marketing at their own agencies. Each interview is an energizing look at the value and powerful delivery that agencies are bringing to their clients. Brands and agencies are in many stages of developing their own flavor of content. Content marketing has already had its share of both triumphs and missteps, and now content is getting even more exciting in 2014. I’m thrilled to be able to pass the collective learning from Skyword’s Agency Innovation interviews on to you.

Speaking of his own mistakes as he sought to invent the lightbulb, Edison said, “They taught something that I didn’t know. They taught me what direction to move in.”

In the spirit of learning through experience, we have released a new e-book titled Agency Content Innovators, which collects the best moments and most valuable lessons from our interview series.

Download the e-book now and join the conversation surrounding it on Twitter by using the hashtag #agencyinnovators.

If you are interested in participating in Skyword’s Innovator Series, whether as an agency or brand, send us an email here.

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