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Skyword’s Content Marketing Software Gets Way More Social

Skyword’s content marketing software just got a lot more social with new social amplification and Facebook publishing functionality. What does this mean for marketers? They now have:

  • The ability to leverage the power of social media without leaving the Skyword Platform
  • Varied and unique perspectives from a range of writers that can be moderated from a single interface
  • A streamlined approach to content creation and publication to different channels from one platform
  • Easy review and approval process to ensure consistent brand standards and tone for social media amplification
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for insight into what content is resonating most with social channels

Here’s a deeper look at these new benefits.

Social Amplification

In a recent Skyword and Unisphere study, seven out of 10 executives stated that they use social media for content discovery and amplification. Yet many marketers struggle with the ability to find compelling content for their social channels and streamline the publishing and amplification processes. With Skyword’s latest release, content creators can write original content and create social posts for that content within the Skyword Platform. Program managers also can add social posts in the platform during the content review process and then amplify the content directly from the platform.

Amplify Your Content on the Skyword Platform

Facebook Publishing

Today’s more savvy brands understand the importance of having a Facebook marketing strategy that is integrated with their overall marketing objectives. But the social media, community, or conversation manager responsible for publishing to Facebook might struggle to publish the breadth of content needed to engage brands’ Facebook audiences.

This is especially critical given the increasingly brief lifespan of a Facebook post. According to a recent Wisemetrics study, 75 percent of engagement with a post occurs in the first five hours. Within the first one hour and 50 minutes, the post has reached 75 percent of its maximum impressions. Increasing the frequency of publishing posts is difficult, but keeping up with the campaign and editorial calendars of the company can prove equally challenging.

Until now. With the latest release of Skyword’s content marketing software, companies can publish directly to Facebook, their blogs, websites, microsites, news sites, and manage a range of content creators for each channel, all through one interface. Suddenly, the traditional silos between content creation, editorial review, and amplification disappear. The really exciting part of this is that companies can now open up their social channels to outside writers and influencers, and still be able to manage the review, approval, and publishing process internally. Brands can publish more frequently, improve engagement, and ensure that their social amplification strategy is aligned with their marketing goals.

This streamlined process allows organizations to regularly and easily publish a wide range of content types, including articles, videos, images, and infographics that are brand aligned but have unique perspectives from different content creators and influencers. And they can be scheduled to coincide with peak viewing times for Facebook followers and align with the company’s overall content calendar.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Step 1—Create: Contributors create content for Facebook in the same way they create any other content in Skyword. They can select the Facebook content type when creating assignments and content, as shown below.


Step 2—Review and Approve: As with content created for other content types, companies can create any sort of custom workflow and approval process to review and approve posts.

Step 3—Publish: Skyword publishes content to Facebook as status updates. There is a 2,000-character maximum length for content published to Facebook. Skyword allows contributors to attach an image, file, or video.

Step 4—Analyze: Skyword provides detailed analytics and reporting for insight into what content is resonating most with a company’s Facebook community.


Are you struggling to integrate your social media marketing strategy with your company’s content marketing strategy? Contact Skyword today to learn more about how to manage your content strategy, creation, and social amplification efforts with the Skyword Platform.

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