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Social Media Content via TED Now on Facebook’s Paper App

Facebook Paper, a news reader app designed to make browsing more intuitive and straightforward, has partnered with another content creator to add more variety to its offerings. The Facebook-owned app has teamed up with TED—purveyors of the world-famous “TED talks”—to serve insightful video and written material directly onto the news reader. This standalone app was just released in January, but its Ideas section will now feature exclusive TED content, not just content produced by its own team.

TED was the featured topic in the app’s Ideas section for the week of the TED2014 conference, which ran from March 17 to March 21 in Vancouver. Typically, the section’s featured topic changes every day. Paper now showcases TED content such as blog posts related to the various talks, videos, content created by TED attendees, and exclusive content created by TED Fellows.

This announcement marks the first time the brand-new reader app has worked with a third party to produce content. It also offers a chance for people who didn’t make it to TED2014 to get a peek at some of the talks.

There are also possibilities for future partnerships, according to a Facebook spokesperson quoted in Mashable: “If things go well, it’s likely that Facebook will team with other organizations in the future.”

The Outlook for Facebook Marketing

Content marketers have a lot to learn from this move. So far, it appears that Facebook is looking to increase the amount of time users spend on its network by bringing in third-party content contributors. And, if this deal goes well, it is likely Facebook will open Paper up to further collaborations or submissions to increase its social media content feed.

In a statement to TechCrunch, a Facebook representative said, “We’re looking forward to seeing how people respond to this experiment, and then we’ll consider doing other section takeovers in the future.”

Brands currently marketing through Facebook should keep a close eye on this development. If a new opportunity opens up for more expansive content submissions, companies of all sizes could benefit by getting more eyes on their content.

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