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Spying on Social Media Competitors, Simplified


Content and social media marketing agencies rely not only on developing creative campaigns for clients, but also on finding out what competing brands are doing in order to make their own campaigns more effective. Thanks to Unmetric, social media competitors will no longer wonder what the other guy is doing. The benchmarking company has just released an enhancement to their existing platform that caters to agencies handling multiple clients. Unmetric’s Agency Platform allows multiple users within an organization to see what successful brands are doing, and how their current clients compare, using a wide range of metrics.

Making Sense out of Big Data

As explained in the press release announcing the agency platform, Unmetric maintains an ever-increasing database that currently tracks over 5,000 brands across most social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. The data is analyzed and digested using proprietary algorithms, as well as human input, to shed light on a wide variety of performance benchmarks and the actions taken by brands to achieve them.

The number and types of posts, engagement, fan-base growth, and even granular level data, such as time of day each brand posts, are all accessible through the system. Instant alerts, weekly update emails, and a variety of graphs are available to keep stakeholders informed. Finally, agencies can compare their brands’ social media performance against their peers through the “Unmetric Score,” a ranking model developed by the company.

CEO and president of Zocalo Group Paul M. Rand, whose marketing agency is a current user of Unmeteric, says the product is “an important platform in not only helping us manage the volume [of Big Data], but also allowing us quickly identifying (sic) trends, issues and insights across the social media landscape.”

The company counts notable brands such as Subway and Citibank among its clients, as well as agencies such as the aforementioned Zocalo Group and MRY.

How This Can Help Content Marketers

The platform seems promising for content marketers seeking an edge in social media. They can access historical data for social media competitors with a large fan base and engagement number and dissect exactly what it is that they have done in the past, and continue to do in the present, which makes them so effective.

Expect social media analytics to gain a bigger awareness in the content marketing space in 2013, as brands look for every competitive advantage in cutting through the noise and developing more efficient methodologies.

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