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Storify Updates Bookmarklet With Archived Tweets Option


Twitter recently announced that users can download and archive all of their tweets and content, and social media curator Storify decided to take this opportunity to announce on their official blog that users of their website can now use all of their archived tweets to create storyboards with the updated Bookmarklet tool.

Storify was founded in 2009 and allows users to create storyboards to curate content from all over the web about a specific hashtag or event. Most users curate content from currently trending topics, which is normally listed at the top of their website. Users can also add their own original content (such as archived tweets) to create interesting stories and share them across multiple social media platforms.

In the blog post, co-founder and CEO, Xavier Damman, writes about how he was able to archive his own tweets. He found one from 2009 when he was first incorporating the company, which he then embedded into the blog post to demonstrate how the new tool works.

“We use social media to document our lives,” says Damman in the post. “There is something special in being able to look back at what we’ve done in the past through the tweets, instagrams, facebook statuses that we posted.”

The new Storify tool is, of course, a great opportunity for marketers who are currently using the website or wish to use it in the future for their content marketing efforts. The use of storytelling in content and social media is becoming popular, and being able to go back through archived tweets to create even more stories gives marketers the opportunity to rekindle customer loyalty by reminding users of previous content or creating meaningful stories through social media.

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