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Study Discovers Best Social Media Post Time for Content


When is the best time for engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and newer sites like Pinterest and Google+? Social networking platform took the data from over 10,000 publishers to discover just exactly when the best social media post time is.

The data discovered that the peak times for posting across the board are between 10 am and noon, and then again at 8 pm to 10 pm. However, the worst time anything can be published, especially for sites looking for clickbacks, is between 9 am and 11 am.

When breaking down for individual social networks, each one has its own peak time for the best social media post time, though. For example, Facebook is at 5 pm, while Twitter is at 1 pm. It should be noted that a time zone wasn’t specified in the report by explained the differences in time between social networks, mentioning in their post, “For example, Twitter is a social tool that requires very little time to use, it is much easier to send a quick 140-character tweet out during or after lunch than to carefully curate visually-driven boards on Pinterest. When people have more time to dedicate to the channel, like at the end of their workday, they tend to share and create more thoughtful content on social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.”

Pinterest sees a peak time as late as 11 pm, when there is enough time to engage more after the workday, while the earliest in the data set is email, at 7 am. Google+ follows after with a peak time of 10 am – an interesting one, since that time is within the “do not post” block mentioned earlier.

All of these numbers are strictly for the United States, though. also conducted the survey for international peak times, too. For example, Great Britain’s peak times are 6 pm for shares while 4 am has the most clickbacks; France and India see both of their highest share times at noon, but their highest clickbacks are at 5 am and 11:30 am, respectively.

So, it seems that content marketers need to focus their social media content distribution, ideally, during the lunch and dinner hours. This is when the most users are checking up on their social networks and seeing what is currently trending. Then, they check back afterward during dinnertime when they have more time to dedicate to social media.

As for the most shared content, arts and entertainment is ranked at the top, having the most clickbacks and the most views. Following after is technology, health, business, and then politics. Taking that into consideration, marketers can effectively mold their social media content to the wants of the users during these peak times for the best results.

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