Supercharge your Strategy: Email Marketing Tips for 2015
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Supercharge your Strategy: Email Marketing Tips for 2015

Marketers are heading into 2015 more focused on email marketing than new technology, according to a survey from Campaigner. Findings revealed that marketers are hungry for new email marketing tips to boost their campaigns.

The survey found that just 10 percent of marketers believe new innovations will have a definite impact on their 2015 marketing strategies. Email, on the other hand, is clearly top-of-mind. A resounding 62 percent of marketers ranked email marketing as a top return-on-investment generator, followed by social media (26 percent), SEO (25 percent), and offline direct marketing (20 percent). The word Content appearing behind torn brown paper.

Marketers are also keen to uncover new email marketing tips to make their efforts more effective. Here are some of the priorities named for 2015:

  • 53 percent surveyed said achieving higher click-through rates and email interaction.
  • 20 percent said building a holistic marketing plan (integrating social, mobile email, and more).
  • 14 percent said improved data collection and management.
  • Another 14 percent said increased use of email marketing tools to improve results, such as split testing and automation.

A greater focus on data collection and email marketing tools could be a boon for marketers. A study from Howling Mad found that when it comes to email marketing, quality of data, segment selection, and subject line represent “the holy trinity” of success.

Split testing can help marketers gain useful data to inform their campaigns, but for many brands, it’s an underused tactic. Howling Mad reports that about a quarter of email marketers never split test their subject lines. About half of marketers only test subject lines on some of their emails. Those that do split test tend to only do A/B splits, when they could best testing many more options to empower their findings.

Given just how important subject lines can be, it’s surprising that more email marketers aren’t taking split testing seriously.

Once a consumer clicks the subject line of an email, it’s the content’s time to sing. Split testing can be invaluable to content marketers hoping to more effectively target content. By showing some visitors one version of a landing page or email, for example, and another set of visitors a different version, marketers can gauge how much time visitors spend on a page, where they move on to, and more—all of which can help optimize content. Content layout and design and even headlines can be tested for effectiveness.

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