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SurveyMonkey Announces Corporate Version of Its Questionnaire Software


Online questionnaire service SurveyMonkey has announced new business-focused features designed for use by large companies and corporations. SurveyMonkey Enterprise aims to allow companies to give multiple employees access to the platform’s surveying services in one solution, which could have a number of implications for content marketers.

The survey software has been used by individuals within corporate environments for years, but this new addition allows companies to manage and collaborate on questionnaires and analyze data. Results and findings come back in real time and can be managed centrally.

“SurveyMonkey Enterprise provides the best of both worlds,” explained CEO David Goldberg. “It gives organizations the control they need to harness the power of the data being created, and the ability for their employees to use a service they know and love. This enables employees from all functions to make better decisions and have a positive impact on the entire company.”

SurveyMonkey can create a bridge between businesses and customers so that companies can get specific answers to questions relating to their content, products or services. Questionnaires are important for market research, especially when gauging new target markets and measuring brand awareness. 

Analytical tools provide statistics on how many people are viewing content and on what devices, but a questionnaire will provide insight into what sections of your content people prefer, like or dislike; whether they prefer to use a tablet or phone in accessing your content; or what social media platforms they use to share and discuss things that interest them. This information is more personal and can be valuable for content marketers when planning marketing campaigns.

As TechCrunch notes, it is surprising that the company has not offered this service before, considering it has been in business since 1999. The Enterprise service includes all the company’s platinum functions so the users have access to a survey URL and unlimited questions and responses.

Some of the companies already using SurveyMonkey Enterprise include Aetna, Hearst Corp., the New York Giants and Yamaha. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) has also used the service.

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