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TabSite Tackles Instagram Contests with New Marketer App


TabSite, which provides a code-free way to customize Facebook profiles, has been making a living through Facebook software for the past two years, providing handy solutions for content marketers who need to use social media but don’t have time to set up customized projects or data research. Now TabSite has launched its latest program: an Instagram app designed for Instagram photo contests.

Contests have long been a useful shortcut when reaching the social media world. The content that marketers need to supply is basic, and the more consumers who participate, the more rewarding a contest becomes. The Instagram contest app attempts to tap into this innate attraction to photo contests by giving content builders a style sheet to work from when designing their own versions.

Instagram, already one of the most common and fastest growing Facebook apps, is built around the idea of sharing quick snapshots, preferably with a funny caption. If there is one thing Facebook users love to comment on, it is a themed photograph. TabSite simply takes the trend and creates software where users can upload their photo using Instagram and the right hashtag (marketers can choose whatever hashtag properly represents the promotion). Photos are automatically gathered, tagged with the appropriate information, and made available for viewing for all Facebook page fans.

Several added tools make monitoring and sharing the photo contest easier. Entrants can share their photos with friends after participating in order to garner more votes, and marketers can receive daily email updates that show how many new entries have been entered, who is winning, and how the contest is curently being displayed.

“On the back end, the TabSite manager offers easy setup, ability to get a daily email digest of all new entries and ability to customize the Instagram contest design, time period, and language,” reports the TabSite blog, showing several useful screenshots of Instagram contest examples.

Marketers can also promote the contest with scheduled social messages through apps such as Hootsuite and Buffer.

The goal of such an Instagram contest is to give customers and fans an easy way to get involved in a business event. Point, snap, and post, then tell your friends – except with each friend that votes the business brand is also built. Such involvement builds a long-term relationship regardless of who wins the contest. Many companies, especially smaller businesses, can use the TabSite app when their own resources don’t allow them to set up such a contest.

On a less positive note, the social media world can be a harsh environment. Hopeful contest creators should keep in mind the set of rules that Facebook keeps for promotions. Businesses must state that Facebook does not endorse the contest, limit what entrant information is available, and control how winners are notified and awarded. Instead of downloading the Instagram Contest App and jumping in, it might be better to find an expert opinion of the contest idea first. A refined contest will create a better (and more legal) brand experience.

Photo Source: Flickr

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