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Teen Marketing Strategy Should Include Tumblr, New Survey Suggests


An independent study conducted by Posterous co-founder Gary Tan and Survata found that 10th graders were most likely to have a Tumblr account, even when compared to Facebook and other popular social networking websites. Since smart content marketers create content and hone their brand directly to their chosen demographic, it suggests that teen marketing should be done on teen-centric social networking sites. After all, what better place to create content for teens than on the social network most used by teens?

The numbers were a surprise for those who thought Facebook would take the biggest piece of the teen marketing pie. Instead, the survey results put Tumblr squarely in the lead, with 59 percent of all 12 to 25 year olds using the micro-blogging site. Compare that to the 54 percent who copped to having a Facebook account and the 20 percent with Twitter accounts. Instagram was next, with 16 percent of the demographic holding accounts, and newcomer Snapchat brought up the rear with 9 percent.

Not sure how Tumblr really works? Tumblr is a micro-blogging site where teens–and other users–post pictures, short thoughts, videos, gifs and other media to share with their followers. It’s a fairly new site, only being launched in 2007 but amassing 120 million users by 2012. If it sounds all too confusing and hip for the older generation, that’s kind of the point. Teens get privacy on Tumblr that they can’t achieve on the social network their parents use–Facebook. After all, anywhere from 57 to 73 percent of Facebook users are their parents’ ages, according to Pew Research.

Of course, the content marketing world is a lot like the real estate world: It’s all about location, location, location. If you want to attract a certain demographic, you’ll need to go where those users are. For older demos, that might mean a Facebook campaign or an easy-to-use informational website. But when it comes to teens, brands want shareable media and content that is easily posted across several platforms. When targeting a younger demographic, an active Tumblr account should be one of the sharpest weapons in a content marketing arsenal or a brand could risk being, like, totally lame.

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