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Topsy Introduces New Social Media Analytics Features


Topsy, a social media analytics company, has announced the launch of new features to its social media analytics platform that allow content marketers to measure sentiment for any keyword term. The insights platform, which analyzes and ranks content and trends, is the only provider of instant access to Twitter analytics. Now content marketers can take advantage of more of its social media metrics free of charge.

According to Marketing Land, the service previously only measured sentiment for “significant tweets.” Now, however, marketers can search on sentiment for any keyword term, providing endless possibilities for information discovery.

In addition to sentiment analysis expansion, Topsy has introduced a dashboard overview of metrics: it measures sentiment score, number of tweets for a keyword, and mentions. Marketers can also dig deeper and review metrics from specific time periods. They can also review “All Time” tweets, which date back to July 2010. This provides opportunities to analyze events and campaigns over time.

Jamie de Guerre, the company’s SVP of product and marketing, commented in the MarketWatch press release that “it’s essential to take both quantitative and qualitative measures into account” and that the search and analytics enhancements allow users to “derive real insights from the data.”

Though budget-conscious marketers may be satisfied with the free version, those looking for additional social media analytics can invest in Topsy’s Pro account.

A Need for Qualitative and Quantitative Data in Content Marketing

For content marketers, measuring social media results continues to pose a challenge. Though the qualitative nature of engagement should be taken into serious consideration in strategic planning, this information must also be quantified.

Topys’s new features provide opportunities to ascertain the topics that matter to customers, gain competitor insights, discover influencers, and analyze keywords over time. This qualitative and quantitative data is indispensable for smarter decision making and effective content planning.

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