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Tweetworthy Content Marketing Statistics by the Numbers

The average attention span of adults online has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds in 2012.

Let’s think about that for a second. In eight seconds, you can’t even:

  • Play one hand of poker
  • Open a corked bottle of wine
  • Wash your face
  • Brew coffee
  • Read the first paragraph of this article

If you want to grab people’s attention, you have to do so quickly.

Two important qualities of successful content: The content must be snackable and shareable. The idea is to grab the attention of readers and entice them to learn more. Numbers and symbols (i.e., % and &) help do the trick, as well.

Part of Twitter’s success is that they capitalized on this idea. We live in a world of over-sharing and people screaming, “Get to the point already!” Those who spend a lot of time online are addicted to bite-sized information they can share.

Tracy Stokes (@tstokes_forr) of Forrester Research, Inc., created an intriguing report titled “How to Build Your Brand with Branded Content” (March 2013) that provides readers with a deep-dive into the benefits of regular, branded, high-quality content. Some content marketing statistics and other resources from her report are included below. Click on a tweet link to share to your account.

Content Marketing Statistics

  • 79% of marketers report their organizations are shifting into branded content. (Forrester)
  • 55% of B2C marketers plan to increase their investment in branded content. (Forrester)
  • Only 32% of marketers believe their organization is effective at content marketing. (Forrester)
  • 60% of marketers use content marketing on a weekly basis. (eMarketer)
  • The four C’s to harness the power of branded content are: capture, connect, create, and continuously measure. (Forrester)
  • The most trusted marketing communications in the US are: professionally written online reviews (55%) consumer-written online reviews (46%), natural search engine results (43%), and information on brand websites (32%). (Forrester)
  • 53% of organic searchers click on the first link, 85% organic, and 15% paid. (Search Engine Watch)
  • 50% of marketers cite the need to produce enough engaging content as a key content marketing challenge. (Forrester)
  • 67% of adults online use social networking sites. (Pew Internet)
  • There are 100 billion global searches every month on Google alone. (Search Engine Land)
  • Content creation ranked as the single most effective SEO tactic by 53%. (Marketing Sherpa)
  • Content marketing is now a nearly $43.9-billion industry—a 9.2% increase over last year. (Custom Content Council)

Skyword Stories & Insight

  • In 2012, Skyword content drove over 134 million unique visits to client sites from search and social.
  • Skyword study: Articles that included at least one image saw an average increase in page views of 70%.
  • The three S’s for successful content marketing: searchable, shareable, and snackable.
  • A top men’s fashion brand was ranking in the top 20 results of Google and Bing for 12 keywords. Now, that brand ranks for 122 keywords after three months with Skyword.
  • Skyword study: On average, news articles saw a 740% increase in views when shared socially.
  • Skyword delivered 20 million unique visitors to a leading Spanish news site in 15 months.
  • Quality content fuels all marketing in four areas, specifically: search, email, social and paid.

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