Twitter's latest update makes it easier to follow conversations.
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Twitter Conversations Feature Aims to Improve User Engagement


On its official blog, Twitter has announced an update to and its iPhone and Android apps, which makes it easier to follow and join Twitter conversations. Now, the social network will group together @reply tweets that are part of a conversation between two or more Twitter users whom you follow. The tweets are displayed within the home screen and are connected with a blue vertical line. Only three tweets are initially displayed, but these can be expanded to reveal additional messages, all of which are listed in chronological order.

Like individual tweets, these conversations can be shared by users. This feature, however, is not yet available to mobile users.

The new features are an improvement over Twitter’s previous design, which lacked such organization within the home feed. With an abundance of tweets at any given moment — for instance, during Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance, over 300,000 tweets were shared per minute — finding conversations among those you follow can prove difficult and frustrating. However, by clustering together these interconnected tweets, the social network has provided a more cohesive experience that encourages users to engage with each other. This new Twitter feature is similar to how rival social network Facebook displays its conversations.

A New Challenge for Content Marketers

As Twitter aims to make it easier to follow conversations, it may witness two types of growth: engagement across the platform could increase, and more news users may join the micro-blog. As a result, content marketers should prepare to revise their strategies for the social network: Content must not only be worth sharing, but worth talking about as well. Creating content that becomes a part of Twitter conversations, extends the audience that content reaches.

Furthermore, within a conversation, users may share opinions about the content or their experience with a brand. Those that are positive in nature may do more than raise awareness — they could lead to conversions as well.

Photo source: Twitter

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