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Twitter Introduces New Photo Feature; Pinterest Capitalizes on Instagram Fall-Out


Plenty of tension has arisen in the social media world after Facebook’s recently acquired mobile app Instagram removed support on Sunday for Twitter Cards, the function that allows users to preview photos in an expanded Tweet window. Just in time, the 140-character social site updated its app Monday with its own set of photo filters by Aviary, according to its official blog.

Eight new filters allow users to post photos in black-and-white, cool and warm tones, vintage and cinematic style, and happy or gritty textures. The launch of this new feature conveniently coincided with Instagram’s decision, but developers of the photo-filter software insist that it was not planned this way.

“We’ve been working with Twitter for a few months,” CEO of Aviary, Avi Muchnick, told Mashable. “We’ve kept things moving as it was always supposed to be moving.”

Instagram reportedly disabled Twitter Card support in an effort to drive traffic to its recently launched web profiles, and updated its app yesterday, as well, with a brand new filter, Willow, and improved tools and features.

Marketers may experience a lag in their Instagram following, with users having to take an extra step to get where they want to, but Pinterest is capitalizing on the Twitter Card focus by enabling support for the preview function. Noted by #PinChat founder Kelly Lieberman, pins will be displayed as Instagram photos once were, but will not show in a user’s photo stream.

Since Instagram does not allow users to share photos to Pinterest, marketers may want to shift content over to the latter site as Twitter becomes a more visual network. We may see that brands are focusing more on pin board campaigns in the near future, as well.

Photos: Flickr

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