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Twitter Puts Content at the User’s Fingertips in New Update


When it comes to driving the visual content revolution, Twitter is all in. According to a report by AllThingsD, the social network is planning to roll out an updated version of its platform shortly after Apple launches an update for its own iOS 7 software. The redesign effort is said to focus heavily on the multimedia experience, which speaks to a launch that could warrant the attention of users and brands alike.

It would appear that everyone’s favorite microblogging platform is going for a cleaner and more engaging look that encourages the user to interact. Per the report, gone are the four tabs that usually grace the bottom of the display. The Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs will be swiped out with the ability to literally swipe from one stream to the next. Apple enthusiasts may recognize the swiping element from the functionality that currently enables users to navigate their way through app menus in iOS 7.

The streams will deliver a greater visual experience by emphasizing more of the actual content and less of the screen. Images, videos and other media will appear directly in the stream, preventing the need for the user to open a tweet to see what’s inside. This particular update is essentially an extension of Twitter’s ongoing mission to bolster its multimedia presence.

One of the most interesting parts of the AllThingsD article was the mentioning of a possible new stream dedicated exclusively to the television experience. Sources say the updated app could see a stream that features tweets and conversations built around TV-related content. A TV-friendly feed might be just what the doctor ordered for the legions of users who eat up the real-time nature of social media amid watching their favorite programs. It wouldn’t be a surprising move for Twitter, which started testing TV trends in the timeline to gauge the response to such content back in August 2013.

Could the enhanced TV focus result in more paid social media opportunities? It’s possible. The company already rolled out a beta program for an ad unit that targets users while they’re tweeting about a specific show. According to a Twitter Blog post, beta case studies found that purchase intent increased 58 percent and message association improved by 95 percent after users watched an ad on TV then saw a Promoted Tweet, compared to users who merely watched TV ads alone.

For Twitter, the goal is to improve retention by putting greater emphasis on the content the user wants and attract more by creating a user-friendly navigation experience for newcomers. This new focus offers indirect benefits to brands. With the user’s ability to easily interact with photos, videos and other material, marketing content has earned visibility far beyond the 140 characters the platform was built on.

As AllThingsD reported, the upcoming round of improvements could be followed by an even bigger update later down the road.

Photo credit: Flickr

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