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Vello Creates Video Greeting Cards


Vello, a brand-new app that offers users a quick and simple solution for creating video greeting cards, is gearing up for launch. According to TechCrunch, the iOS app will allow one or more users to record a video message of up to six seconds in length. Once recorded, the service compiles each contributor’s clip into a longer video and sends it as an email link to the recipient.

Each contributor also has the option to purchase an e-gift card for the recipient along with the video, which lends itself to the app’s monetization strategy. TechCrunch reports that the app plans to launch in the iTunes store in September 2013.

Due to the recent boom in short-form video (as evidenced by the rapid growth of Vine and Instagram), this service definitely has the potential to become incredibly popular, with users producing creative short video messages and sending them to their friends. Marketers could also possibly use this service to send personalized greetings (such as a happy birthday or welcome email) to consumers on their email list. A video greeting card would allow marketers to directly target consumers with a custom-made, personalized touch that other video sites just don’t offer — at least for now.

However, the real potential of this service lies in the possibility of a future integration with one of the major social media players. Backed by the reach and immediate distribution of a social media network, such as Facebook or Twitter, Vello would provide marketers with a lucrative opportunity to target consumers with personalized video messages and exciting content.

Photo credit: Flickr

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