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Video Content Marketing on the Rise, Largest Boost in Online Retail


Video marketing agency SundaySky has released their annual State of Online Video report, which includes benchmarks and statistics of the current state of video content marketing from the last twelve months. SundaySky is reporting “record-breaking” numbers for video, especially among online retailers, which are boosting their current content marketing efforts.

A Surge in Video

SundaySky surveyed US-based companies and used all of that data to figure out what is happening within the video marketing industry as well as to make predictions for 2013. One of the key pieces of information happens to be that 48 percent of the top 50 online retail companies are using video on their websites, which is a 200 percent increase from the previous year.

As SundaySky wrote in their report, “Online video consumption continues to surge and has most recently outpaced TV consumption.” June and October show record numbers for video ad views at both 11 billion views.

Targeted Content

However, it’s more than just creating general online video content without a goal in mind. As it says in the report, “Typically, a short-form video designed for communication to a mass audience (i.e. one-to-many product videos) is viewed with a 50 percent completion rate.” In fact, viewers will spend as much as 2.5 times more time on relevant videos, rather than generalized video with a sales pitch slant.

The most popular growth in 2012 was in social video, though. At 1.3 billion views, due to online video during the Super Bowl, this was the biggest year in growth and popularity for social videos. Also, November saw a peak in social video from the presidential elections through recommended videos on viewer’s social networks. The new year will only continue to grow for video as people continue to switch from television to online media.

Video in 2013

SundaySky isn’t the only one betting on more video content marketing in 2013. Content Marketing Institute also did a survey of a handful of marketers, social media experts, and other professionals in the industry and asked what they think will see a rise in the new year. As Joellyn Sargent of BrandSprout Advisors said, “Picture this: 2013 will be the year of visuals (but the end of infographics). From Pinterest and Instagram to SlideShare and YouTube, visual appeal will rule content creation and curation.”

Though big online retailers like Amazon and eBay will more than likely pave the way for video content marketing in the new year, as the ending statement noted in SundaySky’s report. Both companies are already budgeting for the new year to utilize personalized video content for better brand loyalty. Other businesses will more than likely follow suit for their own content marketing.

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