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Viewers Find Branded Video Highly Worthy of Sharing, Says New Study


More than half a million online video ads are shared within a 24-hour time span. That is an eye-opening stat from a new study by Unruly Media.

The findings have been published on the heels of the launch of the firm’s first U.S.-based Social Video Lab, a new research facility designed to help brands understand how to make the biggest impact with their branded video efforts. The lab provides advertisers with a suite of comprehensive solutions to aid in their online advertising campaigns, including tools for devising social video strategies, social video creation, social video activation and, finally, advanced social video analytics.

The study also highlighted some interesting findings regarding brand recollection and association, citing that both increased by 7 percent with viewers who were recommended a video opposed to those who found the content via web browsing. When prompted, 73 percent of people who watched a recommended video remembered the brand compared to 68 percent of viewers who arrived at that content via web browsing.

On the entertainment front, the study found that video enjoyment rose 14 percent when that content was recommended compared to viewers who found the content via web browsing. Viewers who enjoyed a video were 97 percent more likely than people viewing non-recommended content to purchase the featured product.

Unruly Media’s research “shares” correlation with The Psychology of Sharing, a study conducted by The New York Times Customer Insight Group that focuses on what makes people share video and other content across social channels. According to the study, there are primarily three factors that influence sharing. First, is the relationship aspect, being compelled to connect after encountering content that establishes common ground between the viewer and brand. The second factor is self-gratification, which builds within people who want to be viewed as someone with a keen eye for content that is valuable and useful to others. Finally, there is emotion, when happiness, sadness, shock and other emotions drive people to share content that reinforces personal feelings and beliefs.

Content Marketing Takeaway

The advertising game is changing quickly and branded video is leading the charge as arguably the most effective form of content when incorporated in ad campaigns. Not only is it highly engaging, but as Unruly Media’s findings revealed, highly worthy of sharing in the eyes of consumers. Brands thirsting to make a viral impact with their advertising campaigns may want to strongly consider using video as their core content.

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