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Vine Launches Windows Phone App


Vine has launched a new version of its video app for Windows Phone, which the company announced on its official blog on Tuesday.

The app, which allows users to create a six-second video recording to share with friends, was previously available on iOS and Android, and now beats rival Instagram to the mark. Instagram will be launching their Windows version in the coming weeks.

Like the app’s previous models, users can tap and hold the screen to move to different shots and compile the clips into a looping video. The new Windows Phone edition includes some unique new functions, including pinning your favorite Vine accounts to your home screen.

Competitor Instagram, owned by Facebook, added a video sharing function in June, having been primarily a photo-based app before. Instagram has been expanding in recent months with the addition of ad content in an attempt to staty ahead of Vine. Owned by Twitter, Vine launched in January of this year and met with almost-immediate success, being named among the 50 best Android apps for 2013 by TIME.

Instant video messaging has opened up new realms of possibilities for content marketers, both small and large. In September, Dunkin’ Donuts aired a TV ad during Monday Night Football on ESPN that was shot entirely with Vine. Meanwhile, according to Fast Company, Samsung was one of the very early advocates of the app, creating stunning videos that flaunt their range of smartphones.

Vine recently added an embedding function that allows users to embed and share Vines on blogs and web pages. Vine allows marketers to be more dynamic in their campaigns, especially with products. The ability to shift between clips and angles allows different aspects of the product to be displayed, in six seconds, so the consumer gets a quick taste that draws them in.

Photo credit: Flickr.

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