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Wenner Media and Yahoo! Sign Deal to Co-Create Site Content


Wenner Media and Yahoo! have announced a deal to publish cross-branded content on their sites. Though the media firm had previously syndicated content to Yahoo!, this agreement means that both firms will pool shared content on dedicated pages. Yahoo! omg! and Yahoo! Music will incorporate mini-sites and other content from Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and Us Weekly brands. In turn, and will also feature content from Yahoo!

The deal poses advantages for each company. For example, it allows the media firm to sell Yahoo! ad inventory for campaigns originating from Rolling Stone and Us Weekly. It also gives Wenner Media a chance to significantly expand its scale on the web. According to comscore, and attract 6.7 million and 3.1 million hits, respectively, while Yahoo! Music and Yahoo! omg! attract 18.1 million and 28 million hits, respectively. With the reach that Yahoo! has, Wenner Media online brands can significantly boost their advertising revenue.

On the other hand, the deal may also help bolster Yahoo!’s embattled brand by attracting younger users. In a bid for a fresh start, the struggling firm recently hired Marissa Mayer, the latest in a string of CEOs who have struggled to revive the company’s lackluster fortunes. It’s worth noting that these content deals are part of a strategy originally orchestrated by Marissa Mayer’s predecessor, Ron Levinsohn. Though Mayer has stressed that her strategy going forward will focus on Yahoo! as a product, not media, the content deal with Wenner Media may reinvigorate its image, helping it look more hip and relevant. The company also closed content-syndication deals with other music-centered sites like Spotify and iHeartRadio, along with major media outlets such as CNBC and ABC News.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons.

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