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WordPress 3.6 Release Candidate Teases Content Marketing Goodies


WordPress is still not quite ready to officially release the highly anticipated version 3.6. For now, those who just can’t wait to get their hands on the new platform can play with the release candidate version.

While the software, like always, is free to download and use, it is not recommended for use with live production sites. In fact, a post on the organization’s official blog suggests that using the application in its current state on a live production site is “adventurous.” On the other hand, marketers who want to get a feel for the new features are encouraged to do so by giving the release candidate version a spin in a test environment.

Content-Friendly Enhancements

The release candidate edition of WordPress 3.6 bundles a number of features that could be of use to content marketers, including built-in support for video and audio. In April, developer Scott Taylor discussed this feature, the need for it and how it works. For a while now, it has been possible to upload video content to YouTube and then embed it in a blog post. The update offers native functionality that accommodates those who prefer not to use YouTube.

In the release candidate version, videos can be added directly to a blog post by inserting snippets of HTML 5 code — no third-party services or plugins required. This is a tremendous luxury for content marketers who want to harness the power of video, yet would rather brand their material without giving YouTube credit in the process. The same support has been added for audio, which can be implemented in a similar manner.

As WordPress developer Jonathan Dingman explained in a blog post earlier this year, the lack of efficient auto-save has long been a weakness of the platform. By saving posts in the local browser cache automatically, the platform update enables a user to recover content should the author accidentally navigate away from the screen or the system suffer a failure. Furthermore, the RC edition introduces a new tool that locks posts to prevent deletion in multi-author environments.

Last but not least is the update to the revision management system. Post revisions are incredibly helpful when it comes to tracking various aspects of content creation. But in addition to simply growing to be too great in number, they can cause author attribution problems, as well. The latest update addresses this issue by making it possible to browse through prior revisions easily and view the changes that have been made to the content, as well as the authors who made those changes.

Content marketers and managers should be comforted in knowing that the best is truly yet to come. After rolling out the official release, WordPress is prepared to start development on 3.7, which will likely include the much-talked-about Post Format User Interface option that didn’t make version 3.6. Everyone’s favorite blogging platform just keeps getting better.

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