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YouTube Founders Launch MixBit, Collaborative Video Creation App


On August 8, 2013, YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen introduced their newest endeavor to the world: Mixbit, an iPhone app for video creation, which made its debut in the Apple iTunes Store.

As with Vine and Instagram, users can discover, create and share content; with this new video app, however, Hurley and Chen take things a step further. What makes it unique is that several clips can be shot and later edited together to create a final video. Additionally, visitors to the app’s website can insert content from other users into their own videos.

Creating, Editing and Mixing “Bits”

Mobile users can create videos anywhere from one second to one hour in length. Content is shot as clips, also known as “bits,” that are up to 16 seconds long. Up to 256 bits can be included in a single video.

Once a video is taken, content is edited — the bits make it easy to do this. Bits can be trimmed and duplicated, and additional clips and photos can be mixed in. With a registered account, content can also be managed online.

A Unique Content Mission

On the MixBit blog, Hurley stated that the app’s mission is to provide “intuitive and flexible recording and remixing tools” that make it easy to tell stories. He also added that it’s about collaboration and “new approaches to identity, such as letting people upload videos without forcing them to sign up.”

The app is a product of Hurley and Chen’s company AVOS Systems Inc, which purchased the social bookmarking site Delicious and link-saving service Trunk.ly in 2011. The entrepreneurs started AVOS in an effort to help people create, discover and share content, and to make creation of high-quality digital content easier.

MixBit for Content Marketers

For content marketers, the app makes it easier to create quality video. Creators don’t have to invest time or money in video software: In a matter of seconds, the mobile app makes it easy to edit a video. Not only that, but the content can be pieced together in an interesting way, creating value for one’s audience. Additionally, it provides a unique way to repurpose existing content.

Though some content marketers may jump at the opportunity to become early adopters of the app, they also need to understand MixBit’s focus on community collaboration in order to truly appreciate the app’s value. To fully benefit from MixBit, marketers should not be solely focused on their own stories but should also integrate the stories of others.

Photo Source: Flickr

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