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7 Reasons Freelance Writers Love Skyword

The main goal of the Skyword Writer Services team is to make Skyword the favorite place for freelance writers to create content online. We want to do everything we can to make sure our writers love Skyword and have what they need to be successful while they are creating the highest-quality content for brands and media companies. Check out Skyword’s writer resources for more information.

Every three months we ask the writers managed by Skyword to participate in a short survey so we can find out how we can make their writing experience on Skyword better.

One of the questions we ask has been:

How has your experience been working with Skyword staff members?

The results were overwhelmingly positive. Here’s a tag cloud of the answers we received to this question:


Here are seven reasons why freelance writers love Skyword:

1. Live Help. This provides an opportunity for Skywriters to chat with a member of the Support team in real-time to discuss problems, writing tips, troubleshooting for beginners, etc. We offer these chats in three languages (English, Spanish, and French) and are currently available six days a week (Sunday-Friday) from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.

2. STIR sessions. We help keep writer skills fresh with ongoing best practices training known as STIR sessions. A STIR is a group discussion that has a specific focus and gives writers the opportunity to learn best practices that could make them more successful in the digital space. STIR stands for the four Skyword values: We work Smart. We stick Together. We Innovate. We Respect.

Topics of recent STIR sessions have been:

  • Top 5 Tips From the Editor
  • How Pinterest Can Bring You More Readership
  • 9 SEO Best Practices

3.The Article Scorecard. Our developers have created a user-friendly tool that will help teach someone with no SEO experience how to create articles for this search-driven world. The Article Scorecard optimizes each piece of content for search.

4.Dedicated program manager, editors, and Support team. We are there for our writers every step of the way. As you may have seen from the tag cloud above, we receive a lot of great feedback about how helpful and friendly the Skyword managers and editors have been for writers. Time after time, writers comment on the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, which they haven’t found on other places online, and on the intuitive interface. It is easy for a writer to communicate with a manager or the Support team if the writer runs into any difficulties understanding the site.

5. Personalized training sections. Each writing program has an easy-to-follow training guide that walks the writers through the essential information for a program. Most programs have training videos as well. The Skyword Help section also contains numerous writing tips that will help writers get the most out of their content, including promoting articles on social media sites, using links and pictures in articles, keyword usage, and more.

6.Tips from @SkywordSupport. Support team members tweet regularly from this account with tips to enhance online content, news regarding the content marketing industry, new programs on Skyword, contests, and more.

7. Writing community. Skyword provides a great networking base for freelance writers. Many of our freelancers work from home and have made real-life friendships with writers all over the world.

We pride ourselves in how much time we take investing in the skills of the writers who create the best content on the Internet. Sign up for an account on Skyword and let us help take your writing skills to new heights.

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