Web Content Writing, All You Need to Know
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Web Content Writing: All You Need to Know

Have you been lured to freelance writing by the promise of setting your own hours and exploring topics you enjoy? While web content writing is a rewarding experience, it’s not for everyone. Here’s a checklist to reference before you begin:

Are you organized?

Freelance writers are in charge of tracking their own work. They need to stay on top of deadlines and invoices, answer promptly if the client has questions, and follow-up on job leads. If you’re not a natural when it comes to staying on top of tasks, freelancing might not be the right fit for you.

Skyword offers multiple writing programs under one platform and unifies all payments for you, but you still need to respond in a timely manner to assignments and stay in touch with your Program Manager.

Can you adapt?

Chances are, your web content writing will not all fall into the same category; one day you’ll be blogging about home décor, and the next, you could be posting a how-to on pet care. Initially you’ll need to pay close attention when you apply for an assignment (include the requested writing samples, educational background, social media information, etc.).

After that, you’ll need to follow each client’s instructions in terms of tone, format, and audience. Skyword includes content standards in each of its programs to make sure writers know exactly how to keep their clients happy.

Are you motivated?

Sometimes you’ll have all the work you can handle, and sometimes you’ll experience a dry spell. When you have a lot on your plate, will you have the energy to plow through it? When you’re struggling to find work, will you have the willpower to keep trying?

This is where a dedication to writing is critical. Much like with teaching, not many people go into freelancing because it’s lucrative; they do it because they love sharing their thoughts, being creative, and informing others. Skyword offers excellent opportunities to people who are persistent and passionate about their work.

Juliana Casale is a Writer Recruiter for Skyword, her favorite job to date. She is also a social media addict and haircut procrastinator. You can follow her @skywriting on Twitter.

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