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What Can Your Klout Score Do for You? Ask Justin Bieber!

Do you know your Klout score? If you don’t, I urge you to log in to Klout.com and find out how influential you are across your social media profiles. I am not saying that you will achieve Justin Bieber’s fame and fortune by knowing your score. However, it’s important to be aware of it–many online writing programs are using this as part of their criteria for considering new applicants.

Klout is a tool that calculates your influence from 1 to 100 across various social media platforms based on your interaction with their users. People have criticized the ways in which its algorithm measures influence, but the company has continued to change and improve it since the site’s launch. Joe Fernandez, Klout’s CEO, has made an effort to recruit some of the best engineers in order to make his configuration the best on the market.

As of yet, Justin Bieber is the only personality to get a perfect 100—on his birthday alone, he received an average of about 30 tweets per second, which likely helped his score. Quite a following, huh?

You can get your score by connecting all of your social media profiles to Klout. Its algorithm calculates the amount of friends/followers you have but places more attention on the amount of shares, likes, retweets, etc. that your content receives. An app is now available for iPhone users.

In my online journalism classes in college, we learned how adept one has to be at mastering social media tools in order to investigate and share trending stories. When I stumbled onto Klout, I understood why leading professionals in media are basing recruitment decisions on this score.

When your Klout score is higher, it means you have an audience that is interested in your social media activities. If you’re an online writer, think about the article views you may be missing out on because you did not try to improve your social influence.

New writing programs are now recruiting freelancers who can influence their social media following with quality content. Prove that your content has a large social following. Use Klout to your advantage!

Chechi Luján is a Writer Support Specialist at Skyword and enjoys fixing things. She also loves to retweet interesting ideas in English or Spanish under @ChechiLujanJ.

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