Alongi Media Solutions

Phil Alongi

Phil Alongi is a multiple Emmy Award-winning media executive with 30+ years of network television experience. Mr. Alongi spent the majority of his career at NBC News, where he covered many of the world’s major news events as the network’s Executive Producer of Specials and Politics. In 2009, Mr. Alongi launched Alongi Media Solutions (AMS), which is quickly becoming a force in the world of media consulting. In his capacity with AMS, he has provided on-site consulting to Tolo TV, Afghanistan’s leading network, and he also worked with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation on their historic 2009 presidential election. In the years following, Mr. Alongi has maintained his consultancy with Tolo/Lemar TV News, and has also been involved with the production of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the 2010 California Gubernatorial Debate, and the 2010 and 2012 Presidential Debates.