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Great stories don’t publish themselves.

To draw audiences day after day, you need more than just a great story—you need scalable and sustainable processes. For a global enterprise, that means implementing a content marketing platform that helps turn complex creative visions into efficient and effective marketing programs.

The Skyword Platform is designed to help you transcend the digital noise and develop your brand as a global search and social destination.

Here's How it Works


What’s the trick to assembling a talented, committed team of content creators?

  • First: a global pool of top-notch creatives.
  • Second: a team of content strategists who can help you piece together those contributors—the heart and soul of your content strategy—and get important industry influencers on board.
  • Third: a technology platform that streamlines management and payment processes.

Trying to match writers in Buenos Aires, Beijing, and Moscow with strategy coming out of your Chicago headquarters? We’ve got you covered.


To keep a content marketing program on track, you need full visibility into its progress and effectiveness.

The Skyword Marketing Calendar is built to align your strategy with the rest of marketing, and provide other teams across your organization visibility into your content marketing game plan. Preview your entire month at a glance, or highlight specific assignments to see even more detail. View and create assignments, RFPs, projects, and events. Capture activities such as marketing events, product launches, corporate announcements, paid media flights, conferences, as well as organizational milestones, and keep them organized within the Skyword Marketing Calendar. Ensure that stories are being assigned and published in support of your organization’s efforts for a more solidified brand experience.


Duplicated efforts are out. Repurposing is in.

The best marketers are as much librarian as storyteller, gathering and organizing articles, photos, video footage, eBooks, and infographics so they’re up-to-date and ready for discovery. But proper care can sometimes take a back seat to the needs of the moment. To keep up, you need a digital asset management system as beautifully conceived as anything you’d find in the great libraries of the world. Skyword’s digital asset management software can help you organize your marketing assets across the globe or within your brand—and make the most of them.



The larger your content program, the harder it is to keep your entire team focused and on brand.

The Skyword Platform helps you make sure content editors in London, Brazil, and Beijing are all rocking to the same brand story groove. Each contributor can easily pull up program-specific guidelines and editorial standards, and our content strategists can help you develop creative briefs that communicate your vision clearly. When each content contributor can dive in knowing the parameters, the message, and the keywords for his or her particular article or video, it makes a huge difference in the scalability of your message.


Spending more time tracking down documents and managing review cycles than creating content?

It’s a common problem. The Skyword Platform was designed to streamline the process and bring visibility and clarity to everyone in the enterprise who has a stake in your project. At the same time, it is fully customizable to your approval processes. You can invite as many reviewers as you need to, at whatever point of development it makes sense for them to step in. Reviewers can make comments within the body of a shared text document, or as time-stamped comments on videos in progress. Everything stays in one place, and everyone stays sane.


Your content needs to answer the questions that your audience is asking.

Search engine optimization plays an important role in content strategy, and the SEO Scorecard on the Skyword Platform makes it a clear, simple process. When you assign keywords to a particular article, contributors must meet your SEO standards before they can send it out for review. You can even optimize content for search in local languages and locales.


What happens to your carefully crafted stories after you create them?

Do they move audiences to act in the ways you hoped they would? Or do they sit around collecting dust? We help make sure it’s the former. From the Skyword Platform, you can publish content to various social media platforms. You can even promote and track content performance directly from the Platform, so everything stays in one place. Take advantage of our partnership with content discovery services to distribute your content to the sites and social networks where your audience is.


When you’re looking for clarity on how well your content program is performing, it helps to have all the analytics in one place.

From the Skyword Platform, track storytelling metrics such as content, contributor, and social performance alongside audience engagement through a variety of reports:

Google Analytics: Get the full performance narrative such as channel, acquisition, engagement, and goal completion metrics without leaving the page.

Marketing Automation: Understand what triggers conversions by tracking which leads are viewing your content, what story piqued their interest, and who keeps coming back for more through integrations with Marketo and Eloqua.

Skyword Performance Snapshot: Increase the visibility of your content marketing program with stakeholders through this automatically generated, mobile-responsive monthly report.

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