Content Audit Services

Compound the Value of Your Content

Skyword makes it easy to keep your content current, compliant, and always driving results.

Keep Your Content Evergreen

Extend Your Content’s Shelf Life and Maximize ROI

In our signature Content Audit and Refresh Services, we make sure you get as much mileage out of your current content as possible. By running a content audit, you can:

Improve SEO

Ensure that all content is optimized for core SEO factors in order to perform in search, boosting site traffic and expanding brand awareness.

Put Your Best Content Forward

Identify and amplify high-performing content while optimizing or decommissioning low-performing or dated content.

Unify Your Branding

Address content gaps to build a seamless, cohesive customer experience throughout the buyer’s journey.

Invest in the Right Content

Update content to optimize performance in a cost-effective way rather than spending to create net new content.

Align to Current Strategies

Align existing content to a new or revised content strategy or business objectives.

Ensure Compliant Content

Make sure all published content aligns with current compliance or MLR guidelines.

Freshen Up Your Content

Which Audit is Right for You?

Our experienced editorial team understands the nuances of brand voice and content strategy. We use both qualitative and quantitative data to surface actionable recommendations that address the following:

SEO Audit

SEO audits evaluate the elements that impact your on-page and site-wide SEO. It’s best if you’ve seen your site traffic decline, seen specific posts fall in rankings, or want to gain a greater edge by ensuring you comply with the latest SEO best practices.

Performance Audit

Performance audits use quantitative data to assess what is and isn’t working. If you’re looking for help improving your content planning, optimizing ideation and distribution, or reaping the largest returns on future investments, this audit is right for you.


Content Audit

Content audits use factors such as quality, SEO, and strategic consistency to determine how each content asset can be improved. If you have recently undergone a merger, a significant product update, or a shift in brand strategy, this audit is for you. 

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