Greetings from the intersection
of Story and Science.


Branded content is a powerful movement, and for good reason—in our “always on” digital world, people have places to go and destinies to meet. To get their attention, you have to offer something valuable
in return.


Today, major brands win customer attention and appreciation for activities that may, at first glance, seem out of their purview: Western Digital launches a new destination for gamers. Chipotle leads the sustainable-food conversation. IBM authors news and advice for small- and medium-sized businesses. Red Bull dominates ESPN in the extreme-sports space.

Content marketing works.
But what’s the formula?


Is it about telling great stories, or about systematizing and scaling the process? Is it about finding the right digital content providers, or about deploying the right content marketing software?

Is it an art, or a science?

At Skyword, we believe it’s all of the above.


Here, you’ll find thousands of skilled and influential writers, designers, and videographers to help you tell your story. You’ll also find proven systems and technology that bring scalability and sustainability to your content marketing program.





The Golden Record

In 1977, the people of Earth sent two identical Golden Records into space. Almost 40 years later, they travel in different directions aboard the twin Voyager spacecraft.

Today, strains of Beethoven, bagpipes from Azerbaijan, a mother’s kiss—these sounds hurtle through interstellar space, light years from anywhere humans will ever go.

How long will our stories last? Eons after we’ve left this planet, will an alien being muse upon the sound of a human heartbeat? Puzzle over Navajo night chants in the light of another star, across time and space?

As human beings, we are limited in scope, but not in imagination. Our thoughts move us every day to push ideas further, to search for meaning, to tell stories that will inspire explorers for ages to come.

“Photo: NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory”

Get the story behind the image.

The Art: Moving audiences to action.

Screenwriting guru Robert McKee says great stories persuade “by uniting an idea with an emotion.” Weave a story with information that makes your audience’s heart beat faster, and you have a good chance of winning them over.

Great storytelling doesn’t come naturally to most people. But if you can harness its power, you can capture your audience in unbelievable ways.

Video: the power of a great story

Content Marketing Software

The Science:
Adding method to
our madness.


Behind our creative powerhouse sits enterprise-class technology and professional services that can help you inspire deeper connections in a consistent, easily scalable way. From conception and promotion to continual brand amplification, Skyword offers the tools to make content marketing a sustainable business process.


Our Clients

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The People: Storytellers for the digital age.

Can brands create good content internally? Yes. But more and more marketers understand that, with all the information out there, the bar is on a steep rise.

To create original stories that stand out, you need expertise, skill, and social influence. We custom-recruit thousands of creatives who develop content for our clients, and our talent pool is expansive. It includes writers and videographers with experience and influence in a broad range of subjects, languages, and markets.

We can put your team together. see how.