How We Do It

Join an enterprise-class content marketing platform
with thousands of creative influencers and a
world-class services team, and what do you get?

A sustainable content marketing solution.


When you partner with Skyword, you can say goodbye to interrupt advertising. Your brand becomes your customers’ search or social destination: the source of information they seek or, at the very least, a giggle in their day.

It happens because you create stories that move people—that stir their emotions and encourage them to act. Great storytelling moves buyers through the sales funnel and, ultimately, moves revenue up and to the right.

But telling great stories in a consistent, scalable, and sustainable way requires something more: enterprise-class technology, and world-class editors and program managers.

Here’s how Skyword moves brands—and those who create content for them—forward.

What does your audience care about?

What moves them?

Scares them?

Drives them to get out of bed each morning?

Before we create anything, we take the time to get to know your brand and the people you’re trying to reach. Through social-listening techniques, research, and conversations with you, we uncover emotionally charged links between your brand and your audience.

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Content marketing challenges brands to move beyond the status quo to share authentic and valuable experiences that set them apart. To succeed, you may need to completely rethink your marketing strategy—and it won’t always be easy. (We know, because we’ve done it.) The good news? Your marketers and customers get to be inspired, to share stories they can believe in, and to use their outside voices.

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We know—hiring creatives can be tricky. You want people who can take your ideas to ridiculous levels of brilliance, but you also need them to stay on task and meet deadlines. The Skyword Platform connects you with some of the most respected and influential writers, videographers, photographers, and graphic artists in the world, and our technology organizes them according to social influence, language, topic, and more.

Need someone to riff on Latin dance stars in
Portuguese slang?

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Great content marketing doesn’t happen the first time you publish an article, or even after BuzzFeed picks up your “Organic Farming for Hipsters” video (sorry!). Exciting, ongoing brand influence requires you to grow the depth and variety of your treasury, and to do that you must put systems and technology in place to make the process sustainable. The Skyword Platform and its collection of content tools—together with the editors and program managers who make up our services team—offer a complete, scalable content marketing solution.



Moving stories should never sit on the shelf, so the Skyword Platform helps you make sure people are finding and sharing your catalog of masterpieces far and wide. Not only do we connect you with writers and creatives who are socially influential, but the platform automatically optimizes each piece for search and makes it easy to publish to your social channels. Additionally, through our media partnerships, you can improve content performance and amplify the effect of your content stack on a mass scale.



At Skyword, we think of stories as seeds—germs of thought with the potential to burst through the daily rubble and disrupt ordinary ways of thinking. The creative wisdom of great stories can help you, as a marketer, topple obstacles to customer dialogue and amplify your message. Combine those seeds with scalable authorship processes and analytical tools that help you see clearly how each story is affecting your field of influence, and you have a sustainable plan for elevating your brand.

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