New Beta Features in Skyword360:

More Ways to Maximize Your Content Creation Efforts


Content Atomization

A faster, more cost-effective way to repurpose content across your customer journey

AI generates multiple versions of content for different target audiences and channels.


Skyword’s persona-specific natural language processing (NLP) technology automatically adapts a single piece of content into multiple versions for different channels and personas.

Within moments, your team is able to multiply the value of every asset you produce, and connect with more customers across more touch points.


Content Atomization in Skyword360

Identify an original piece of Primary Content for instant repurposing.


Each NLP model has been trained on thousands of assets written for your target persona and reviewed by Skyword editors.

Instead of generating low-quality “bot” content, AI adapts your original, human-generated content for multiple use cases.

Skyword360 Personas Feature

Skyword360 automatically sends your content to the NLP model that matches your Persona descriptors.

Content Atomization makes it easy to...

Leverage assets across the customer journey.

Fuel personalized content experiences.

Support multi-channel distribution.

Idea Centers

A new way to fuel your ideation engine

Tap into a continuous stream of fresh content ideas from experts across the Skyword Creator Community:

  • Creators

  • Countries

  • Languages


Idea Centers give you a structured portal for soliciting and collecting pitches from pre-vetted creators across Skyword’s global network.

House details on the topics, content types, and creator qualities you’re looking for to keep targeted ideas coming your way.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 3.10.57 PM

Source ideas on your brand's priority topics.


Get connected with topic and industry experts across the Skyword Community who know what angles will resonate with your target audience and have the creative chops to bring your dream content to life.


Creator Profile Page

Skyword creators have the niche topic expertise you're looking for.


Looking for creative ideas to fuel a timely campaign, support an event, or respond to a sudden market shift? Use the Skyword Creator Community as a source of instant inspiration.

Idea Center Alert

Post an alert for fresh ideas to fuel a timely campaign.

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