Pressure. The world has shifted.


A few years ago, Skyword Founder and CEO Tom Gerace recognized the world had shifted–people were discovering information in entirely different ways than ever before.

Since then Skyword has campaigned against–and helped enterprise business move away from–interrupt advertising. The Pressure story came one day during a moment of reflection on how far brands have come with storytelling.

But we realized that we had spent most of our time talking about the stressful parts of being a marketer today, and left out the success stories altogether. What about those people who heeded the warning signs and made the tough changes for the betterment of their organizations?

We looked internally at some of our most progressive clients, and we asked ourselves, “What makes these companies different from the rest?” We decided to find out.

Through a series of interviews with Iron Mountain and Tom’s of Maine, we learned about the choices leadership made to shift away from traditional marketing practices, and the role Skyword played in this process.

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