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Skyword Social makes it easy to create meaningful relationships with unified social media management, employee advocacy, and social attribution software.

Manage your social strategy across teams, campaigns, and channels.

Global Management
Manage global teams with a comprehensive view of all social publishing activities across multiple divisions, campaigns, and networks.

Editorial Calendar
Easily edit and move posts across multiple campaigns and networks with our drag and drop calendar.

Social Campaigns
Arrange, publish, and measure every post around a specific social media marketing activity.


Easily edit posts and re-arrange time slots with our drag-and-drop interface.

Effortlessly schedule your social content across networks.

Smart Scheduling
Quickly schedule content at the most optimal times, while filling up any gaps in your social editorial calendar.

Content Curation
Instantly discover and share the latest industry news and insights from around the web, without leaving Skyword Social.

Customer Support
Bring every mention, comment, and direct message into one place to provide efficient customer support.


Build a smooth social media workflow for review and approval before publication.

Amplify your reach with employee advocacy.

Content Suggestions
Give employee advocates an intuitive tool where they can easily discover, filter, and share pre-approved content to their personal networks.

Ban inappropriate or banned keywords to prevent employees from misusing their handles.

Identify top brand ambassadors and encourage healthy competition with Skyword Social’s Advocacy Leaderboard.

Advocacy Board

Give employee advocates pre-approved, on-brand social content with just a few clicks.

Attribute ROI to your social efforts.

Lead Attribution
Understand the full lead journey by attributing leads to specific social posts, channels, profiles, and campaigns.

Social ROI
Assign a monetary value to every activity to establish your true social media ROI.

Seamless Integration
Connect social media data into your existing platforms to build a more complete view of your customer journey.


Optimize your social funnel from impressions to clicks to conversions.

Protect Your Brand

Rest Easy with a Secure, Compliant, Collaborative Social Platform

From admin to read-only mode and everything in between, we make it easy to manage social content on a global scale.

  • Roles & Permissions
  • Team Management

  • Social Compliance
  • Crisis Management

  • Account Security
  • UTM Tagging

  • Single Sign-On
  • Content Approvals

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