Buyer Persona

By Skyword Staff on January 24, 2014

A buyer persona is a research-based representation of the ideal buyer for a company. They are created in the form of a fictional person and embody the behavioral characteristics befitting of somebody who would purchase your product or service.

Buyer personas contain information on a buyer's demographics, location, and other characteristics, in addition to the consumer behavior of a company's ideal buyer. They show who those ideal buyers are, what those buyers want to buy, and how those buyers think.

Personas help marketers figure out why consumers make the buying decisions that they do.

Why is a buyer persona important?

Having a defined buyer persona is an important part of an efficient marketing campaign. It defines the kind of customer a business is targeting. With a buyer persona, marketers can narrow their marketing focus so they can attract customers who meet their buyer criteria.

Companies that know their ideal customers have a huge marketing advantage. One example is that they can tailor content to their customers' specific interests. Having relevant, useful material personalized for an ideal consumer will help companies with search engine rankings as well. This will enhance their content marketing initiatives and result in a more effective marketing strategy.


Skyword Staff