Demand Generation

By Skyword Staff on January 27, 2014

Demand generation is creating an interest in your product or service. Without driving a demand for a product, a company will not be able to sell it to customers.

To do this you have to spread brand awareness for you company through targeted marketing campaigns. Companies that increase consumer consciousness of their product or service will have a much easier time convincing consumers to  make a purchase.

Why is demand generation important?

Demand generation involves a combination of both inbound and outbound marketing efforts, encompassing all brand awareness promotional activities. These can range from creating content, to appearing at trade shows, to executing viral marketing campaigns.

It is important for marketers to incorporate multiple channels in a campaign geared towards demand generation because that will enable them to reach the largest audience.

Marketing and sales teams should have a solid lead-nurturing program in place to create demand for products and ensure their leads convert. This should not be confused with other generation aspects of the sales cycle, such as lead generation.

Demand generation does not involve making a sale or following up on leads. Its primary focus is to drive interest in your product and make the public conscious of your company.


Skyword Staff