Facebook Analytics

By Skyword Staff on January 15, 2014

Facebook analytics give marketers the information they need to improve their presence on the social media platform.

A brand on Facebook functions much like as an individual user. However, instead of humanized timeline, brands have a page where users can view their posts, comments, pictures, and events.

Brands and companies can access insights on engagement, post effectiveness, reach, follower demographics, and more on Facebook itself and through social analysis tools like TrackMaven.

In the Facebook Ads platform, marketers can pick a custom audience, target by interest, age, education, relationship status, or by company. The custom audience function for Facebook Ads can be used with to target users by their email addresses.

Why are Facebook analytics important in marketing?

Facebook represents a large portion of social media marketing for marketers through the brand pages and social interactions that take place on the network. The platform also has a huge source of advertising capabilities, which digital marketers can use for brand awareness and lead generation. It can be one of the biggest traffic sources for brands and companies' websites in comparison to the other social media platforms.

With it's wide capabilities and user base, Facebook marketing is essential to any social media marketing campaign.


Skyword Staff