Lead Nurturing

By Skyword Staff on January 27, 2014

Lead nurturing is the process of establishing and maintaining relationships with possible customers. Building a relationship with a possible client is especially important if the client is not ready to buy a company's product.

An important component of lead nurturing for a businesses is educating clients on that company's product so that they may be ready for the product in the future. An effective way of accomplishing this is by sending emails with tips on how to use a product, or recent updates that a company may have made to its products or services.

Why is lead nurturing important?

This continued communication with a prospect will make the prospect more comfortable with a business. By continuously reaching out to consumers and actively trying to establish relationships, a company's  leads will know that a company truly values their business.

Leads want to put their trust into a company before they use its products. When a representative from that company frequently reaches out to the those leads with useful information or helpful tips, it becomes a lot easier for the leads to bestow their trust. This will make the lead more likely to purchase that company's product when the time is right.


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