Marketing Dashboard

By Skyword Staff on December 1, 2016

Ever been in a meeting and been asked to report on your team’s progress? Imagine if you had one place where all your important marketing metrics are highlighted. This marketing dashboard would make tracking and reporting your progress so easy!

What is a marketing dashboard?

A dashboard typically summarizes marketing KPIs (key performance indicators) and metrics, serving to simplify analytics into easy-to-understand measurements. Dashboards can be used as progress reports for stakeholders, and are usually updated frequently.

Dashboards can and should be customizable for each business’s unique marketing goals. They serve as a way for marketers to track their progress toward goals, as well as a way for marketing executives to prove ROI and attribute marketing activities to business outcomes.

Why are dashboards important for marketing executives?

Marketing executives, such as CMOs and VPs of Marketing, don’t necessarily have the time to research and interpret marketing analytics. They rely on the high-level insights that marketing dashboards provide to stay on top of their team’s progress.

Being able quickly assess KPIs from different activities across their marketing team is crucial for proving the value of their marketing strategy to stakeholders at a moment’s notice.


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