Marketing KPIs

By Skyword Staff on November 29, 2016

Marketing KPIs, or key performance indicators, are specific metrics used to track and measure progress toward marketing goals.

Selecting the right KPIs for your marketing department’s specific needs and business goals is key to their effectiveness. Marketing KPIs can include both leading and lagging metrics to measure results.

Here are some examples of marketing KPIs:

  • Number of marketing-influenced purchases
  • Total revenue influenced by marketing activities
  • Average bounce rate across web pages
  • Number of qualified newsletter subscribers
  • Search traffic and rankings for targeted keywords
  • Number of marketing opportunities from events
  • Conversion rates across web pages

KPIs are a central part of marketing dashboards and reporting on marketing activities. Using the right marketing analytics tool to identify, track, and evaluate your KPIs is essential for proving and improving the results of your marketing strategy.


Skyword Staff