Proactive Marketing

By Skyword Staff on February 17, 2014

Proactive marketing is a form of marketing that allows for marketers to be agile, real-time, data-driven, and adaptable to the ever-changing space of what their customers could be seeking. It encompasses all forms of marketing, but shows marketers the direction to head in to secure the most benefit before performing the actual campaign.

Proactive marketing shows a marketer what's happening in their landscape with all of their competitors now and what path marketer should take to reach their audience effectively before generating failed campaigns.

Why is proactive marketing important?

Often marketing has taken a more reactive stance. Marketers will perform campaigns and then look at the data and metrics analyzing how they did to then improve their campaigns. Coupling with the time it takes for a marketer to perform the campaign and then analyze what happened, the amount failed work can add up to be extremely inefficient for marketing.

Looking at your marketing in a reactive sense is no longer the most valuable way to progress your campaigns forward. Since marketing has become more real-time, data-driven, and metrics focused, there are tools and platforms that will allow you to aim and then shoot for success.

With proactive marketing, you can see what will attribute to more success in your campaigns, instead of reacting to data showing that your campaign failed. Being proactive allows for you to benchmark in real-time, analyze data on the fly, and optimize your campaigns to all ensure overall value for your brand. You'll be able to see what will work, head in that direction, and optimizing your marketing faster than your competition.



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